Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring 2012 Production-In-Action...

In true TFA form, this PIA was unlike anything else we've ever done. Projection mapping synchronized to live music on our soundstage at the Merchandise Mart. First year students from the four TFA disciplines created all of the 2D and 3D content in three weeks time; shooting, drawing, modeling, animating, and warping enormous volumes of footage shot in and around Chicago and original CG content with the guidance of second year Animation + Visual Effects students. Second year Show Production students designed, built, staged, rigged, and executed lights, sound, and projection while Chicago-based Fluid Minds rocked a 50 minute show. Cross-discipline education on steroids. Three days of load-in, set-up, rehearsal May 25, 29, and 30 with a culminating live event on May 31. Industry professionals so generous of their time and commitment to teaching in our programs included Reed Rigging [Michael Reed], Real World Lighting [Bob Peterson], TC Furlong Inc. [TC Furlong], Intelligent Lighting Creations [Ryan Bundy], and DWP Live [Danny Whetstone and Ben Ryle] from Nashville. Amazing experience. Wholly immersive. Providing deep learning across all disciplines in a way that is signature TFA.


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