Friday, September 10, 2010

New Gear at TBFP...

Focal CMS50s as nearfields in both Post Control rooms.

Each of the Post rooms now have two channels of John Hardy M1 and two channels of Chandler LTD-2. Post 1 has two additional channels of Helios 69 and Post 2 has two additional channels of Chandler LTD-1.

Universal Audio 2-610S for Music Control.

Fender Twin 1965 Re-Issue.

Ampeg SVT7 Pro Bass Head and SVT410 Cabinet.

A pair of Neumann TLM67s.

New Surround Post Suite Coming Online at TBFP...

Like Post Control 2, this suite is equipped with the D-Command control surface. Barefoot MM27's are among the last items yet to be installed.