Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Intruder

The Intruder was our second PRODUCTION-IN-ACTION and a considerably larger undertaking than The Collector in terms of numbers of students. It premiered in Toronto at the Worldwide Shorts Film Festival and has since gone on to play festivals in Palm Springs, Evanston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Barcelona.

We were able to incorporate the entire sound design process into the Flashpoint curriculum from the very beginning - assigning students to record the many layers of Foley effects, work on cut effects, and design some of the other-worldly sounds that play such a major role in the film. In fact, virtually every sound element in the track, save for the sparse dialogue, was recreated in post-production. Incorporating Miguel Kertsman's haunting score provided yet another wonderful example of collaboration because so many of the visual effects needed support - and from a sonic perspective, that had to be done by one of the teams but not both. In the end, I really think there is a seamless integration and the result is quite powerful.


The Intruder from Flashpoint Academy on Vimeo.