Thursday, March 12, 2009

theMDR >> TH3 MO5T DAN63ROU5 RAC3 to play live concert for Flashpoint Academy's spring PRODUCTION-IN-ACTION...

Flashpoint Academy's PRODUCTION-IN-ACTION. Unique, large-scale, and totally immersive. This will be the fourth PIA since we opened our doors in September of 2007 and it's shaping up to be as exciting as anything we've done to date. A live concert with theMDR on our newest soundstage, Studio B in the CBS production center at Dearborn and Washington, is at the heart of an idea that ingeniously brings all four disciplines together for a thoroughly collaborative learning experience second to none. Industry professionals leading key crew positions. First-rate concert sound, staging, and lighting. Multi-camera high-definition shoot. Game development and design with visual effects and graphics from the show. Students engaging in the process. This is PRODUCTION-IN-ACTION.

Matt Walker and JT McCluskey.

Sonically emotive, visually scintillating >> theMDR.

The show will be captured via an HD multi-camera "iso" shoot and high resolution digital audio; raw video elements and multi-channel audio will be brought into an interactive game environment where the player acts as technical director in a "live" broadcast line cut; VFX students will create images for projection inside the venue and graphics for the game; Film students will shoot and cut; Recording Arts students will record, edit, and mix, and Game students will construct a race against time and accuracy Flash-based game resembling a live broadcast - all under the direction of industry pros and the artist.

PRODUCTION-IN-ACTION at Flashpoint, the Academy of Media Arts and Sciences.