Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Miracle wins a CINE Golden Eagle...

Congratulations to Jeff Smith and The Miracle crew once again for another award!
In total - 47 festival appearances, 20 awards, and 8 nominations.

This film was one of the most challenging and rewarding sound design projects I've done. Because it covers several decades of time and many different locations, I found it very difficult to find an overall tone - something that's important for me early on in the development of a soundtrack. As I worked my way through the series of vignettes that make up the film, I realized I had stopped fighting the desire to have sonic continuity and just gave into the story. What emerged, to my pleasant surprise, was a soundtrack that surged and recessed right along side the two main characters and actually supported the conflict between them, making the eventual resolution that much more powerful. In hindsight, it was the obvious choice to make, and that's what's so interesting to me about the creative and collaborative process.

From CINE:

CINE has a remarkable track record for rewarding excellence, particularly among new and emerging filmmakers. Many prominent members of the film and television industry have received the CINE Golden Eagle Award, and for some — such as Ken Burns and Steven Spielberg — it was their first major award. Ron Howard was a teenager, Robert Zemeckis a college student, and Mike Nichols a young comic when each won his Golden Eagle, and hundreds of other distinguished filmmakers, producers and journalists have since followed in their footsteps, some in CINE’s early years (Mel Brooks, 1963) and others in the present day (Martin Scorsese, 2006). For members of the film and television industry, the CINE Golden Eagle Award is an acknowledgment of excellence and validation by their peers.

Good luck!