Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flashpoint Recording Arts Guest Speaker Series...

Monday, May 12
Jeff Kliment

Newest Rec Arts faculty, coming onboard June 1. Former faculty at San Francisco Art Institute, former lead sound designer and project manager at LucasArts, and former music recording / Foley / ADR engineer at Russian Hill Recording.

Tuesday, May 13
Jun Mhoon

CEO of I Am Music Online, Jun is a digital aggregator / content supplier for iTunes, Amazon, Real Network, Napster, eMusic, Google, etc.

Wednesday, May 14
Cory Coken

Sound Designer / Mixer at Avenue Edit. Has designed hundreds and hundreds of national, regional, and local commercials, films and documentaries.

Thursday, May 15
Tom Zimmerman

Location Sound Recordist and Digital Imaging Technician. 30 years working with many major film companies and productions houses including Sony Pictures, BBC, National Geographic, David Gruber Prods, Ron Ascher Prods, etc.

Danny Leake
Mastering Engineer, owner of Urban Gurilla Engineers. Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Sting, Hank Williams Jr., Candlebox, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, etc.

Friday, May 16
Doug McBride

Music Recording Engineer, owner of Gravity Studios. Working round the clock right through the heart of Chicago’s Indie scene, Gravity has hosted Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, Juliana Theory, Bob Mould, RATM, Red Red Meat, Sinead O’Connor, etc.