Saturday, November 24, 2007

Early Friday morning, while I was comfortably tucked in...

...after a great Thanksgiving meal and visit from family, my oldest daughter Ellie was waiting in line to shop. There was a plan, of course, Khol's at 4am, the Mall at 5am, and Best Buy at 6am. Beleive it or not, she actually made it to all of her destinations more or less on time. As she was re-telling the story of her journey, I asked about the mood of the patrons. She replied as I suspected, most were aggressive, pushy, territorial, and in "battle" mode. What inspired this blog entry, however, was what happened as she and a couple hundred other Rockfordians waited for the doors to Best Buy to open.

For this stop, Ellie was along for the ride. One of her friends wanted to get an xBox 360 bundled with Guitar Hero at the early-bird price well below "normal" sale price. The problem was that this store only had 33 of the units in stock, and by the looks of how many people were waiting, it was a fair bet that more than 33 people were there for that particular purchase. So as her friends saved her place in line, my daughter starts to inquire about how Best Buy is going to deal with this problem. She finds out that there have been numbered tickets passed out. As she moves up the line, closer to the door, trying to determine if all the numbers are out, she meets a woman who wants to make a deal. She'll give Ellie her xBox ticket if Ellie is willing to give her $100.

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