Monday, October 8, 2007

Unprecedented connectivity...

21st Century professional audio signals behave much like they did in the 20th Century. Ohm's Law isn't changing anytime soon. Connectivity and control, however, are changing faster than you can say High Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance. HANA is the media industry group reponsible for adopting guidelines of data transfer within secure audio-visual networks. Large-format recording consoles are being replaced by control surfaces. Cat 5e cable seems to be just as prevalent in studios these days as balanced lines with XLR and TRS connectors. And now, delivery and distribution of "finished audio" is being done over broadband Internet connections, increasingly accomplished wirelessly. All of these advancements have led to a physical separation between the artist and the technology used to store and playback the rich media assets they create. I suppose there's something downright goofy about a RAID and SAN in the same creative space as a guitar and drum set.

Now, in an extraordinary leap into the future, the artists and producers themselves, as well as engineers and the studios they work from, are collaborating without ever having to leave the comfort of their own creative sanctuaries. is a new Internet site that allows musicians, producers, engineers, and studios to collaboarate online, in real time! Want Tony Levin to play a bass part on your tune? Or Frank Filipetti to mix your next record? Or Bob Katz to master? What about a Jerry Marotta drum track? I'm not kidding. eSession connects you to all these people and much more by signing up [free!], inquiring about rates and session availability, then commiting to an absolute, bona fide session with one or more of these available artists. It's really that simple. Don't believe me? Check out this month's Electronic Musician. There's a great article with Thomas Dolby titled "Record with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime."

We are not only entering an age of unprecedented connectivity, but also a time when heretofore barriers are being shattered. Online collaboration is pure business, yet, truly approachable. Who would have thought that contacting Trey Gunn was even possible, let alone asking him to play a guitar part on your next record?

See the future. Be the future.