Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Construction update...

Construction is on target for an August 15 release to begin low-voltage cable pulling and equipment installation. Check out photos here:

Open Houses continue to bring fabulous candidates. Check out photos here:

Year one curriculum is all but locked down. Year two is very close. Swirling ideas, many of which I quite like, are to form a film production company, a game development company, and perhaps a record label within the framework of the second year. Recording Arts students, for example, might simultaneously work on appropriate level "real-world" work that comes in via faculty contacts, as well as creating an annual compilation cd of bands, ensembles, and solo acts that students have recorded as part of their coursework. Chicago-area musical artists become "source talent," with the hope of being selected for inclusion on the "best of" CD release. A true win-win.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Currently finishing sound design and surround mixing on Whirlybird, a short film written and directed by Danielle Corches. The design team has contributed stunning work:

Joel Hernandez and Christian Loaiza - Noise and Textures
Sean Clark - Sound Editor, Design, and Mixing
Shannon Reddy - Sesign
Steven Berger - Foley and Mixing
JM - Supervising Sound Designer

I've just facilitated, supervised, and poked around editing and mixing. Though scattered in time and locations, and the source of considerable stress for Danielle, sound post is coming together nicely.

40 years ago...

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band was firmly seated at No. 1. The Monterey Pop Festival had just finished two weeks prior kicking off the Summer of Love and solidifying the Haight and Ashbury transformation from beat to hippie; but most wondered why Robert E. Lee marched north 104 years earlier than that, beginning the Battle at Gettysburg.